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Visit to Bodhi Home Care To introduce the Nutrition Program for kids

Bodhi Home Care is situated in a quaint little place in Taman Ikan Emas. It is a welfare home for orphans, people who are physically or mentally challenged and some abandoned old folks.

BeCause has been supporting Bodhi Home Care for many years and members take turn to visit regularly.

Last Thursday, when we visited,was like any other day in the home – some kids just returned from school while older kids were busy caring for the younger ones under the watchful eyes of their caretaker Cheng Yuit.

The children mingled among themselves and are trained to help themselves to lunch.  Few elderly folks were hanging around the home – some reclusive and some just love visitors! A young man volunteered his time teaching tuition to some of the children. This was a home with a difference – the spontaneity of the home like a work in progress,  the palpable feel of contentment of its residents without any trace of pretentions make one feel like wanting to do something for them!

Caretaker Cheng Yuit and her volunteers work 24/7. We were told that they do not reject homeless people who would walk-in for food.  It is also a home to stray cats, dogs, snakes, monitor lizards, musang, birds and you name it!  It looks like a herculean task to an ordinary person. Somehow the caretakers have taken it in their stride to provide the care, shelter, food, and making them feel at home.  

It is commendable that the home had always adopted the principle of self-sustainabilty and self reliant. Despite the caretakers being fully stretched, they still find time to help other needies outside of Bodhi Home. That says a lot about the caretakers’ selfless attitudes and the values being taught to the commmunity there.

On this occasion, we also presented some quilted blankets beautifully sewn by a friend of Because for the kids of Bodhi Home. 

The Nutrition program for kids 0-5 years old

One purpose of our visit was to propose a nutrition programme for babies and young kids below 5 years old, which according to established research is the most critical period for the children’s physical and mental development.  If left unchecked, these children may face malnourishment, stunted growth and have poor mental health.  The effects of malnutrition are irreversible and affect these children’s future in many ways.

BeCause Society’s members understood the importance of this nutrition program .We have decided to take up this cause and work together with Bodhi Home and other related NGOs to ensure their kids will benefit from this program. Kids with strong bodies and healthy minds  equate to a better society and hence a better world. We welcome all our friends to support us in  this endeavour as sponsors, volunteers or giving expert advice on kids nutrition.

BeCause hope this humble initiative of ours will make a difference .

Group photo taken with caretakers including Cheng Yuit,the children of Bodhi Home Care and BeCause Committee.

Durian Charity 2018

The big day finally arrived. We were overwhelmed by the participation of nearly 2000 durian enthusiasts pouring in during the 3 eating sessions. The venue was packed to the brim and extra tables and chairs had to be added.

The event kicked off with the arrival of Y.B. Ms Lim Yi Wei, the Adun for SS2 area. She delivered a short speech after our President, Mr. Ngeow Voon Chin gave a heartwarming welcome speech to all the participants.

Following this was the presentation of mock cheques by Y.B. to the representatives of the two beneficiaries, Bodhihomecare and Aspac Palliative Care centre. Each charity received RM 45,000.00 from this event, thanks to collective effort and generosity from all our friends and supporters.

During the eating frenzy which ensued, the participants  were entertained by music, songs and dance numbers by the talented duo of Benson and Ani Loke and their siblings.

After the last participants left with satisfied stomachs at 5pm, the event came to a close.

The lingering powerful smell of Musang King and other durian varieties was testament to the success of the event. One thing was certain, durians tasted much much better when eaten with charity in heart and mind!

Original Point Therapy & Isogai Dynamic Therapy Workshop 2014

BECAUSE is back with Round Two of our Original Point Therapy ("OPT") workshop! his time, an expanded version of the syllabus was presented. Besides OPT, the workshop included an introduction to posture medics based on Isogai Dynamic Therapy and the basics of the human muscular skeletal system.

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Original Trigger Point Therapy – First Training Session!

Following last week’s OPT Introduction talk , Because’s 1st evening OPT training session on 24th Aug received overwhelming response . Originally, it was planned that a session with 12 pax would be optimal. After some rearrangements, the class could accommodate 21 participants.

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Introduction to Original Trigger Point Therapy

OPT is a pain management /therapy practice developed over many years by a Taiwanese acupuncturist Dr Chang CH. His philosophy is that although many TCM is developed and suitable as a ‘home’ remedy without the need for expensive diagnostic equipment or health related tools, the techniques were not generally taught to the ordinary people as a D.I.Y. skill.

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Building Meaningful Relationships Through Authentic Communication

What makes for a meaningful relationship? On 27 April 2013 Saturday, about a dozen folks took time off from the election heat to look for some answers to this question.

The speaker for the day, Ms Chua Boon Ling from Clove & Clive, gave a clear and concise explanation despite the complexity of such a topic. She pointed out that more often than not, when we are dealing with a situation , or interacting with someone, one tends to get caught up with one’s own emotions and others’, which lead us to display negative attitudes and actions. A main cause stems from our preconceptions and expectations of how and what others should be. This distracts us from the main objective of a meaningful relationship, which is to fulfil a need. Boon Ling emphasized that in any engagement, one should focus on one’s needs as well as other’s. When that is in place, a fulfilling relationship will usually develop which will benefit both or all parties.

Boon ling managed to squeeze some time out for the attendees to pair up to engage in role play where one party wears the hat of the jackal , while the other the hat of a giraffe. The jackal being the ‘ bad’ guy while the giraffe is above self centred concerns. Everyone got a hands on experience of how our feelings and thoughts influence us to be less genuine than our real self.

After the talk ended, everyone showed their appreciation by having a group photo taken with Boon Ling. Because committee members felt the talk is well presented and plan to invite Boon Ling to share again in near future so that more will benefit from it.

What are our emotions for?

At the beginning, the talk may not have been as fast paced as one might have imagined it should be, but it soon became apparent that it needed to be so as the topic was about one’s mind and functions – not exactly simple topics even at its most basic level. This realization came very quickly as Lina stumped the audience with the question...

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Special Skills Training Program for Single Mothers – completed!

Our Special Skills Training Program for Single Mothers has officially concluded after five intensive weekends of training and learning throughout March 2013!

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Special Skills Training Program for Single Mothers

Hi all! We know we've been a little quiet lately but we've been busy putting together the right ingredients to make our latest program: training single mothers with the knowledge and skills to become confinement ladies!

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Mother Nurture

Which wife and mother would take on the responsibility of caring for another 33 children with her own family obligations to see to? Moreover, these children have no relation to her, come from broken families, difficult backgrounds, most from single-parent families and will either return to their families or find their way in life, once they turn 18 and complete their basic primary and secondary education.

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Feedback from a volunteer

Following up from our Listen, Think and Do Workshop #1, one of our participants, Sanali, who is a dedicated and passionate teacher hailing all the way from Sri Lanka (she is currently focused on integrating children with autism into standard school system in Malaysia) offered to help Hilla come up with a lesson plan development system. Here is what she wrote to us after a day with Hilla...

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Bringers of Hope

Have you ever imagined the life of a refugee? First, you’ll need to try best to comprehend how bad a situation must have been for one to leave his home and country, to give up everything and uproot with no guarantee of a future. One must either be very courageous and daring or put into a corner with no way out but to charge forwards in faith. Then on arriving a foreign land, only to be labeled a ‘refugee’ and usually treated accordingly, without the warm welcome, most times kept in fenced-up camps, sometimes in the most appalling conditions, simply waiting without knowing for how long. Life is only full of choices for some.

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What do the folks at Rumah Caring Kajang want…

On Sunday 15th January 2012, the BECAUSE team of about 15 people joined forces with the Sunway Pyramid CNY Some Of uS (SOS) group to help bring some festive cheer to the Rumah Caring Kajang.

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What is the best gift for the residents of Lovely Nursing Centre?

It was BECAUSE’s first time visiting the Centre whilst SIPJ had been kindly organizing such visits to the Centre every year. This time, Kechara Oasis had sponsored the tasty vegetarian dinner while SIPJ sang some Christmas carols, complete with a Malaysian Santa Clause!

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A day at the Hilla Community Centre

Because made its first visit to Hilla Community Centre, an Afghan refugee centre, on 29 October 2011. Our team brought along toys, board games, food, clothes and books for the children who go there to study.

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BeCause Durian Charity 2018

For the past two months, BeCause Committee had been busy planning our annual fund raising event . We eventually decided to do a Durian Charity for 2018 on Sunday, 15th July 2018.

The following two needy and worthy Charities will be beneficiaries of the event . We target to raise RM50K to be split equally between them :

1.Bodhi Homecare,Cheras

A welfare home for 30 orphans /neglected children and some abandoned old folks. Despite being located in one of the poorest areas of Cheras , the centre has grown into a help centre by engaging in recycling activities, free tuition , medical care , animal shelter for the local community, thanks to support from volunteers and kind hearted folks.

Our Society and members had been regularly supporting the home for several years now.

2.ASPAC ( Assisi Palliative Care Bhd )

A charitable non profit organization established in 2015 providing free Hospice – At – Home care services , bereavement visits and hospital visits. The NGO is registered as a Company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital. It is presently headed by Dr Patricia Por.

How you can support our cause:

  • Sponsor a table ( 10 pax) @ RM5k . Sponsored tables will be entitled to Grade Musang King during any of the 1 hr eat – all – you – can sessions.
  • Purchase individual coupons @ RM 50 /pax. Coupon holders will be entitled to eat normal durian varieties during any of the 1 hr eat-all-you -can sessions.

Coupons can be purchased at the premises 

Durian eating sessions:

Date: Sunday, 15th July

1st :     1-2 pm

2nd:     2.30 -3.30 pm

3rd:     4 – 5 pm

Venue: 777 , Jalan SS2/67 ( located in the open space car park )

For any further enquiries please contact :

VC Ngeow 016-6052996

Dato CN Chan 012-3722828



Visit to Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia (Malaysian Association for the Welfare of Mentally Challenged Children)



The Association was started by Mr. Chang Ming Kiet, who hails from Kuantan. He is about 50 years old and he imports clothes from China for local market . Why he started this home is because of a personal reason. He had a son who had brain fever and became mentally retarded and has since passed away. While caring for the son, he realized many other children are in the same situation without proper care and facilities available.

The home is located at an old single storey bungalow on the main road of Jalan Gasing. Because of space constraints, they have managed to rent an adjacent bungalow for about RM5K per month. This is now under renovation.

Now one of his other son called Eddie is helping out in the home when he is free from helping out in the father’s business. He is assisted by Susan and a few others, some of whom are paid while some are volunteers.

Currently, there are 42 “children” in the home. A few are adults but look and act like children. All of them are mentally challenged but they are grouped generally into 3 different levels of IQ from moderate, mild to severe. The better ones will also help to look after the others. All of them look healthy and well taken care off. When necessary they will be sent to their respective hospitals where the case was recorded for check up, therapy and medication. The home keeps some emergency medicine in case of need.

The home is quite well organized and clean with ample space for the children to spend their time and play games together. A few of those who are unable to move are inside the house. We were told that many of the parents who put the children there are unable to cope or are poor whilst some are single parent.

They have a list of daily items that is needed and their monthly expenses comes to about RM43K. When funds are insufficient, they will transfer from their business to cover. At the time we were there, we noticed quite of lot of visitors who came to donate money and to enquire more about the home. There were also a lot of donations in kind such as pampers, rice, cooking oil, etc.

The Association is organizing a fund raising event on 17th March 2018 at the HGH Convention Centre supported by the Chinese Performing Arts Guild with dances and songs from some well known local singers.

According to Eddie, what is needed most is for more people to visit and spend time with the children as most of their needs for food and lodgings have been catered for. He also said that it would be good for them to be able to assemble some simple therapy equipment for use.

BeCause is considering to support their operational needs through one of its fund raising activities planned for 2018.


No. Pendafataran Pertubuhan: 0012-11-SEL

Address: No. 118 Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya




Tel: 03-7960-8003/5


Facebook: iq70+

Bank : CIMB Bank Berhad A/C 800-339-9036

BeCause Charity Shoot & Bowl 2017

Sometime last year in November 2016, our Society was offered an opportunity to do another fund raising project for Charity. Sunway Megalanes Bowling and Galactic Laser kindly offered to provide us their facilities for 1/2 day’s free gaming sessions on 12th June 2017, a public holiday.

Whilst we had an event organiser for our first Charity fund raising effort in 2015, this time we decided to save money and organise the event with our own resources and manpower. Thanks to our members, supporters and volunteers , we succeeded in raising the targeted sum of RM 50K in good time.

This meant, the two Charities, Bodhi Homecare and Pusat Penjagaan Warga Emas Chan will each receive RM 25 K .

In line with our motto , ‘Charity with fun and purpose’ we also managed to secure lots of prizes and gifts for all the participants who will be taking part in the bowling games and laser shootout.

Thanks to generous contributions by sponsors, all participants had almost a 40 % chance of getting a prize via lucky draw besides the chance to win cash prizes.

On the day of the event, about 400 + gamers turned up ,some as early as 7 am to register.It had been said that in any endeavour, it is the effort that counts not the triumph. The event was a big success not only from the above perspective, but the energy and spirit shown by the participants truly reflected BeCause’s philosophy in charity work – giving one’s best for a meaningful cause and at the same time, have fun doing so.

A big THANK YOU to all you wonderful people who cared to make a difference !



Click here for more photos taken at the event.

2017 BeCause Charity Shoot & Bowl

The name BeCause is derived from two words: “Be” and “Cause”. They represent the heart message our Society wishes to spread: Be the cause to make a difference in the lives of those who are in need and underprivileged.

In 2015, BeCause successfully organised a Charity Treasure Hunt at Sunway Pyramid to raise funds for two worthy causes. This event attracted more than 500 participants and the amount raised exceeded our target.

For this year 2017, when Sunway Mega Lanes and Galactic Laser in Sunway Pyramid agreed to sponsor the bowling and Laser games for our Charity initiative, we decided to organize our fund raising event with the theme of “Charity Shoot & Bowl”.

Registration for this Event is now open! Click on the poster above to download the Official Registration Form.


The two Charities who will be beneficiaries from the event are:

As in previous year, 100% of the proceeds will be divided between the two charities. Rest assured that every cent of the public’s money will go to the above-named Charities.

Non-Profit Organisations in Focus: Bodhi Home Care Cheras and Pusat Penjagaan Warga Emas Chan


Address: 3, Lengkungan Ikan Mas, Taman Ikan Mas, off 3 1/2 miles Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur

Bodhi Homecare is housed in a temple in the predominantly low cost housing area in a part of Cheras. The temple was established by a Chinese monk. In 1999, shortly after obtaining registration as a Society, the monk passed away. A lay committee with Jim and Cheng Yuit as caretakers took over to look after the place. Due to its pleasant surroundings and the presence of a large statue of Quan Yin (Buddha of Compassion), the locals would come to the temple to seek blessings. Some despondents who gave up on their sick/problematic children would leave them at the temple gates.

According to the caretakers, even though the committee had no special experience in handling the sick children, (including mentally challenged), most of them improved after staying in the temple. Words spread. To-date, there are about 20 children ranging from 2 – 21 years living at the temple.

Bodhi Homecare believes that good begets good. Thanks to volunteers and the kind hearted, community services such as medical care, tuition, animal sanctuary, and old folks care are available at the centre for free.

Bodhi Homecare also believes in self-sustainability, instead of always being dependent on donations. They supplement day-to-day running costs by performing funeral services, vegetarian food catering, and lion dance performances. They also operate a small recycling facility. Whenever possible, the older children and fitter inmates would do all chores at the home by themselves.

BeCause is inspired by Bodhi Homecare’s attitude of taking personal responsibility. There is a real need to support their day to day expenses to relieve some of their burden in making ends meet.

Read more about Because’s past engagements with Bodhi Homecare here and here.





Address: 534,Lorong Ayer Lombong, Air Panas , Setapak 53200 Kuala Lumpur

This nursing home housed in two single storey terrace house in Air Panas, Setapak, with 26 elderly people was founded by a kind hearted Mr Chan. The inmates were “rescued” by him when the previous nursing home which they were housed in turned out to be run by an opportunist and cheat. Needless to say, they were living in appalling conditions. When their plight reached the heart of Mr Chan, he decided to start an nursing home himself and invited all the inmates to his new centre.

When donations were running low, Mr Chan would regularly use his own personal resources to make ends meet or embark on some fund raising activities. He is helped by volunteers and salaried staff.

During BeCause’s visit , Mr Chan had talked about renting another premise in the area to cater for the growing list of applicants needing a bed in the home.

BeCause is moved by Mr Chan’s kind heartedness and dedication and the committee voted to fund raise to help him help more needy old folks.

Assisi Palliative Care Appeal

In early February 2016, BeCause received a request to help with a fund raising effort by Assisi Palliative Care (“ASPAC”), a hospice NGO headed by Dr. Patricia Por.

In April, BeCause Committee members decided this is a worthy cause to support. A meeting was set up with ASPAC key board members, Drs Patricia Por and Violet How to discuss and work out the following areas which we can contribute in relation to a fund raising dinner at Yuk Chai School, Taman Megah on 24th September 2016:

  1. To provide volunteers/manpower during the fund raising dinner
  2. To help with administering and keeping records of funds received
  3. To source for entertainers and performers for the evening
  4. To look for videographers and photographers
  5. To help look for dinner table sponsors at RM3,000, RM5,000, and RM10,000 per table.
  6. To help create and promote awareness of ASPAC’s cause

As of to-date, about RM300,000 has been raised, mostly via dinner tables sales. The targeted amount to be raised to fund ASPAC’s activities is RM500k.

BeCause humbly appeal to all to support ASPAC’s cause so that it can continue its free hospice services to many more and their families who needed such help in their most difficult time but who cannot afford such professional services.

Click for ASPAC’s Public Appeal Letter.

Bodhi Homecare Cheras Stupa Project

In June 2016, BeCause members were invited to attend a Guan Yin holy day at Bodhi Homecare Cheras (“Bodhi Home”). Besides the usual making of offerings and seeking of blessings by devotees, friends and supporters of the centre, Bodhi Home also distributed ang pows to the less fortunate and needy who form the majority in the neighbourhood of Kampung Ikan Mas.

For BeCause, the event also marked the culmination of the Stupa project which the Society and its members had a major hand in seeing to its completion. The project started sometime in December 2015 and completed in 3 months, allowing for the Chinese New Year break.

The Stupa project was part of Bodhihome’s on going plans to provide much needed accommodation space to replace their living quarters which were burnt down some years back by vandals. Now, the holy items and Buddha images which took up space in Bodhi Home’s main prayer hall can be relocated within the Stupa which is built outside the main building. This frees up space for multi-purpose use in the day and as living quarters at night. There were also two TNB high tension pillars in front of the centre which had been obstacles to cars going in and out of the home and also access to the Stupa. Fortunately, a BeCause member succeeded in getting TNB to shift the posts finally early this year.

Bodhi Home had raised about RM30,000 for the project when it was first mooted in 2013. However, the project could not proceed as engineers/contractors had quoted figures as high as RM1.0 million. This was attributed to the fact that the Stupa location was next to a big storm drain. Costly retaining walls, sand filling and piled foundations needed to be done before the structure can be built.

Undaunted, a BeCause member who is a Civil Engineer did a thorough study of the project and concluded that most of the comments/advice by other parties were mostly assumptions and superficial. Another senior engineer’s in depth opinion was sought to ensure the right decision and design were made.

The shape and structure of the Stupa requested by Bodhi Home followed a complex design given to them by a Thai monk.

Thanks to innovative ideas contributed by a friendly steel contractor, a much lighter and economical structure could be built.

Many thanks also to the concrete foundation and Stupa support platform contractor who did not charge a cent for his efforts which otherwise would have cost Bodhi Home RM50,000. BeCause members also contributed RM40,000 towards the cost.

The Stupa was completed in March 2016 and handed over to Bodhi Home without them having to spend a cent. Whatever they had raised would be used for exterior decorations and finishing works of the Stupa.

BeCause is happy to have made a difference and rejoice together with Bodhihome caretakers, residents and orphans who had also given their share of sweat and tears during the construction phase of the project.


Guan Yin day celebration. Group photo of Bodhi Home residents and friends

Guan Yin day celebration. Group photo of Bodhi Home residents and friends

Installation of 40 feet high Stupa pyramid steel structure

Installation of 40 feet high Stupa pyramid steel structure

Construction work on Stupa foundation - joint effort by elder children of Bodhi Home

Construction work on Stupa foundation – joint effort by elder children of Bodhi Home

Columns of concrete Stupa platform going up

Columns of concrete Stupa platform going up

Completed Stupa in lights

Completed Stupa in lights

Bringing Joy and Cheer to Children for the Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday

In celebration with HRH the Sultan of Selangor’s birthday, BeCause was requested by the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation to invite orphans, underprivileged and abandoned children to the TrickStars – Masters of Trickery show held at Sunway Lagoon on Thursday, 10th Dec 2015

BeCause members had connected and helped with a few children’s homes in the past years and were happy that the following responded positively to our invitation:

The invitees totaled 243 pax.

Buses and vans were chartered by Sunway to transport the children and caretakers to and from their homes. BeCause members were on hand to render assistance to ensure the children were ushered to the show arena at the Sunway Lagoon on time and safely.

Needless to say, for many of the children this was the first time they were given VIP treatment. Sunway CSR staff were also on hand to distribute gifts and other goodies to the children to add to their enjoyment for the evening.

The faces and enthusiasm of the children and caretakers said it all.

BeCause volunteers slept with a smile when they received SMS thumbs up and smileys from all the 4 homes after the show and the party ended around 9.30pm and duly transported safely back to their centres/ homes.

This event capped our Society’s activities for the year 2015. The Committee looks forward to creating more causes to make a difference in the year 2016.


Bodhi Homecare Cheras


Yayasan Chow Kit



Klang Utama Caring Home



Rumah Safiyyah